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Housekeeping checklist:

This is a great check list developed to assist people in making sure they catch all of those little things that can be important when doing your general housekeeping. In this checklist, we will take you through most common rooms in any house (big or small) and will walk you through most of the things you already know should be taken care of when housekeeping, and maybe a few that people tend to miss.

The Kitchen:

Cobweb check (including light fixtures)
Wipe tops and sides of Appliances
Wipe tops and sides of cabinets
Dust TV Screen
Clean glass in patio door
Shake or wash rugs as needed
Wipe inside Microwave, replace paper towel
Disinfect and polish Sink
Sweep and mop floor
Unload/load Dishwasher
Remove trash, wipe container if needed, replace bag

Living room/entry

Cobweb check
Dust ceiling fans if needed
Dust pictures and polish mirrors
Dust tops and sides of furniture
Empty trash
Wipe TV (if present)
Vacuum floor
Shake porch mat
Clean Front Door glass

Laundry room

Cobweb check
Wipe t ops and sides of appliances
Remove trash if needed, replace bag
Empty dryer lint
Shake or wash rugs as needed
Sweep/mop floor


Cobweb check
Disinfect toilet
Polish mirrors
Clean tub/shower
Disinfect sinks
Polish countertops
Empty trash, wipe container if needed, Replace bag
Shake or wash rugs
Replace towels-put used ones in laundry
Sweep and mop floor


Cobweb check
Dust ceiling fans if needed
Dust pictures and polish mirrors
Dust tops and sides of furniture
Empty trash
Wipe TV and/or Computer screens with Swiffer cloth
Make beds or change linens if clean ones are out
Vacuum floor

Thank you to Donna Bayes for this check list.

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